Why the greatest of the greatest are alive right now.

Aug 6, 2020

Eco-positivity, sustainability and conscious choices with Saskia Mulder. 

In March 2020, something none of us could have imagined happened: we landed in the greatest global crisis since WOII. But is that really so? Weren’t we already in a global crisis and did the corona virus simply put this in a brighter light? The way we as the human species have been living on this earth, using its resources as if they are endless, is far from endurable. In a podcast interview with Saskia Mulder (also known as The Social Reporter) who’s ultimate passion is to make the world more sustainable, we dive into the deeper meaning of taking care of ourselves and the planet and making conscious choices that contribute to a hopeful future. In this article, we share some highlights with you and 3 important things to consider when it comes to living a sustainable life.

Prophecies have been predicting for 10.000 years that the human species would experiences crises around this time. But also that the greatest of the greatest would be born in that period. And I always feel… THAT’S US! That’s everyone that’s alive right now”, says Saskia half-way through the podcast interview. Her voice sounds hopeful and full of determination and her eyes sparkle while she speaks.

Saskia is one of the most positive people when it comes to sustainability and overturning the climate crisis we find ourselves in. She puts her knowledge, her beliefs and spiritual path hand in hand to make a change. She uses inspiration to make people aware and is not the type of person who would push her opinion on people. In the podcast interview she explains in detail how you make sustainable and conscious choices for yourself, but also how to motivate others to do the same: “It’s important to ask people the right questions, making them aware and let them think for themselves”, she says firmly.Because for change to remain, it needs to come from within. 

Photo by: Cindy van Rees

Taking more than giving back

But from time to time, Saskia is also worried about our beautiful planet. We find ourselves stuck in a system where we’ve gotten used to consuming endlessly, taking more from the planet than we give back. According to Saskia, it’s time to look at the world in a more holistic way. Not simply depleting resources, but aiming to create. Saskia enthusiastically and with great determination shares her thoughts on an inspiring note by Marjan Minnesma, director of Urgenda: “We should actually have a regular conference about the climate crisis; about where we’re at with the climate crisis and the measures that are being taken”. 

Step by step

Luckily, there’s also a lot we can do as individuals. Saskia explains how she is slowly but steadily getting out of the system, largely based on the theories of ‘The Hidden Impact’ by Babette Porcelijn. Eating plant based, limiting the purchases of new stuff and taking the bike instead of driving a car; these are all factors that contribute to reducing your impact on the planet and are not too difficult to implement. By making sustainable choices, however small, with lots of people, we can grow the ripple and create a tipping point

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it” – Barack Obama. 

It all starts with (taking care of) yourself 

Making a change always starts with yourself. An inspiring, and perhaps relatively unexpected element of the episode is where Saskia shares her view on self care and how this plays a role in overturning the climate crisis. “You need to take care of yourself, before you can take care of the rest of the world. I know that my first step was that I didn’t want to have this impact anymore and I wanted to take decisions as quickly as possible to make my actions more sustainable. But for example, I don’t eat 100% vegan. If I have the opportunity to rescue food such as dairy, I do that sometimes. It’s not about making perfect choices, but about conscious choices”.

Being mindful and aware of ourselves and what we truly need, we become more conscious of the world around us. Taking the time to be present and making more conscious decisions along the way.  Everyone is at a different stage on their journey towards a more sustainable life and that’s okay. It’s all about doing the best you can at a given moment. 

3 important things to consider when it comes to living a sustainable life, inspired by Saskia Mulder.

  1. Taking care of yourself means taking care of the planet: taking care of ourselves and being mindful is a great starting point to be more conscious about the environment and the impact we have on our planet. You can’t pour from an empty cup and the way you treat yourself is often a reflection of how you treat others and the world around you. When you are in the right state of mind, feeling healthy and happy, it’s so much easier to give back.
  2. We need diversity: just as in nature, we need diversity in people. We need people with different views and people who do different things; inspiring each other and making each other aware. We can’t do it alone, we all have our own place in the bigger picture. 
  3. You can’t change others: intrinsic motivation is much more effective to change behaviour than peer pressure. External motivation can motivate for a while, but will not truly change someone’s behaviour for the long term. We can only aim to inspire others with leading by example and involving them in the conversation. It’s about asking the right questions to find out what motivates a person, so they can make their own conscious choices from within. To reach a tipping point, we (only) need 20% of the population to change their behaviour (bron: Maatschapwij), which is a hopeful thought.

As Ghandi said it brilliantly; ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’

Circle of Essence

In the Circle of Essence, we place Saskia right in between sustainability and spirituality; she delicately combines the two to fuel her mission for a more conscious and sustainable world, seeing the importance of staying connected to yourself and your essence and by that, connecting to the earth.

Saskia Mulder is a certified sustainability trainer. Saskia shares practical tips and advice about sustainability and what we can do for the world, but she also explains how it all starts with ourselves and the psychology behind our choices.

Want more?

In the podcast episode with Saskia, we dive deeper into what spirituality means to her, her journey in connecting more to herself and following her passion. We talk about the importance of taking care of yourself before you can truly take care of the planet, how to make conscious decisions and how to motivate others to do the same.

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