Healing: a holistic perspective on wellbeing

Aug 19, 2020

Holistic health, healing and a touch of magic with Naomi van Ree.

Have you ever experienced an issue with your health and your doctor didn’t have an answer on how to solve this? Whether it’s a returning headache, stomach pain or skin problem,  there might be more to this than a physical discomfort. Generally, there are three types of ‘health’ – physical health, mental health and spiritual health. In our society, we usually treat these separately as though they are not related. You might see a psychologist for mental health, a doctor for your physical health and a healer or coach for spiritual health. But is it really possible to separate them? Can we maintain our physical health in the absence of mental health? If you look at health from a holistic perspective, it’s about an overall state of wellbeing. In a podcast interview with Naomi van Ree, holistic healer and energetic practitioner, we talk about the meaning of holistic health and healing and why eating healthy is just as important as healing your emotional state of being. In this article, we dive deeper into some of the things Naomi shared with us and give you 3 tips to take care (even) better of yourself.

“For me, working in a holistic way means looking at all the different levels of being human,” Naomi explains at the start of our conversation. She has a calm and grounded presence. “When I have ten people coming to my practice with stomach pain, I treat them all differently as the origin of the stomach pain will be different in each person. It’s important to put someone in the perspective from their childhood to being an adult to get to the core of the problem”. 

Naomi has a background in journalism, but from an early age she could see things other people couldn’t (yet). On her journey towards healing herself, she learned more and more about alternative medicine. “It’s all about looking at yourself,  the world and feeling and seeing all there is, all the beautiful and the difficult parts, without judgement”, she says while she smiles softly. Over the years, she deepened her knowledge through various education programmes and now devotes herself to helping people in a holistic way.

Photo by Amber and Wolf.

Digging deeper: the cause behind symptoms 

Holistic healing goes a step further than conventional medicine and looks beyond a person’s physical state. The body, mind and soul work as a system with each part contributing equally to a whole person. When in balance, the system causes a natural flow of energy throughout the body, but when this natural flow is interrupted, a stagnation of energy may occur with various problems as a result. Holistic healing is about bringing the system back into balance, so it can function naturally. 

A holistic approach is very likely to be more effective as change occurs on all levels and as a result, positive changes are more likely to last long term and improve your overall quality of life. “That’s why”, Naomi explains in the interview, “it’s crucial when someone is experiencing a physical, mental or spiritual issue, to look at the cause of someone’s symptoms; diving into a person’s lifestyle, diet, environment and childhood. Even past lives can withhold important information about someone’s path so far”. 

And so it happens that people with the same symptoms require very different treatments to heal. This may be a combination of various methods; dietary changes, meditation, energy work such as Reiki, coaching, body work… We’re all unique beings who’s systems are wired in a particular way. The path towards living in holistic health is not always a straightforward one, but if you listen to your body and let the right teachers guide the way, you’ll definitely find some magic.⁠

The magic of healing

Whether you’ve been on the path of personal and spiritual development for a longer time, or you’re just starting your journey, a healing can be beneficial to basically anyone. Each healing session is different, depending on what comes to the surface. A healing session with Naomi can mean travelling back to your childhood, but also past lives, as this is often where we – as human beings – store trauma that can have an effect on you today. 

Naomi explains that people who are very aware of their body, mind and soul, are often open for a deeper healing in the first session already. “But I also work with people who have been on a long journey with doctors and therapists”, she says. “They are often completely in the dark and we start with small steps first, from diet changes to looking at the connections you have with the people around you”. It all starts inside of yourself and from there, you create your world.

3 tips to take care of yourself, inspired by Naomi van Ree.

  1. Take time for yourself: “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. It’s the way most us have been living their lives for years; running at a fast pace, not taking the time to slow down and truly look at what’s going on inside of us and the world around us. In the conversation with Naomi, we talk about how taking time to make conscious decisions for our body, mind, soul and the planet, may just be the best cure to anything. Being more fully present, releasing what we no longer need and getting our minds clear. So that we can truly listen to the signals of our bodies and the whispers of our souls.
  2. Create a nurturing morning ritual: In the podcast with Naomi, she shares her devotion to her Reiki practise every morning. “If I don’t do it, I just feel off”, Naomi says. Having a morning routine can help you to start your day with the right intention, by connecting to yourself first before you rush into your daily routine. There’s so many things you can choose from: meditating, journalling, listening to your favourite music or doing some movement such as yoga or walking. Even if it’s just for five minutes, it will set the tone for your day.
  3. Practise self-compassion: A lot of people have compassion towards others, but find it difficult to have this towards themselves. Self-compassion can help to relieve mental health issues such as anxiety or insecurity. It’s a big part of taking care of yourself; turning inward with understanding, acceptance and love. Look in the mirror and say some kind words to yourself today and know you are worthy. 

With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world. – Dalai Lama 

Circle of Essence

In the Circle of Essence, we place Naomi in the middle of spirituality and health; she combines her knowledge of health and wisdom of healing together to help people become whole. She has a holistic approach with her clients, combining different methods that will further the healing process.

Naomi van Ree is a holistic healer and energetic practitioner who has her own practise. She gives 1:1 healings, workshops and retreats.

Want more?

In the podcast episode with Naomi, we dive deeper into her work as a healer, the different methods she uses and what it’s like to experience a healing with her. We talk about life and death and she shares openly about her own path towards healing. 

Curious about the full episode? Listen to it via Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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