Being over Doing Journey

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Do you feel you’re often running at a fast pace, not taking the time to slow down and truly look what going on inside and the world around you? 

Recent world events have shown us that slowing down, taking time to make conscious decisions for our body, mind, soul and the planet, may just be the best cure to anything. 

Sometimes all you need to do is pause, take a break and simply be. In a world where everything is going at a fast pace and where stress levels are higher than ever, we value being over doing. This is where the true magic starts. We’ve created the Being over Doing Journey to guide you. 

Slow down, take some time for yourself and feel more connected on all levels.

We believe you have 4 homes to take care of: your body, mind, soul and the planet. We’ve created 4 days for you – based on these 4 homes – to help your slow down and take some time for yourself. By moving through them, you’ll feel more connected to yourself on all levels.

Every evening, you receive one of the homes in your inbox, including a conscious note, guided meditation and exercise. 

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With each episode, we hope to inspire and guide you on your path to a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 

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