The Story of House of Essence

House of Essence is a green and sacred space that combines health, spirituality and sustainability. A place where you can dive deeper in yourself and connect with like minded souls, and where being is valued over doing. A place to reconnect with your essence. A place where you can slow down, experience and discover. And most of all: nourish your body, mind, soul and our beautiful planet.

We find ourselves in a time of change and transformation. A time in which the shift that has been gradually taking place over the past few years, is happening faster than ever before. And this is only the beginning.

We are  living fast paced lives, stress levels are higher than ever and many people have lost the connection with themselves. Our lifestyle is focused on economic growth and achievements, which has left us disconnected from nature and lead us into a climate crisis.  More and more people are waking up, becoming conscious that we need to live our lives differently, for ourselves and for the planet. Feeling the need to reconnect to our true selves and the world around us.

At House of Essence, you’re being invited and inspired to become more conscious of yourself and the world around you. It’s a process of remembering what we once knew and have forgotten over many generations. Together, we grow the individual and collective consciousness, changing our mindset and habits. So that more and more people will start taking action from their true being to create a better world.

House of Essence is in the making… until our location is ready, we’re here for you, in the online world. We’re here to inspire you via our podcast episodes in which we interview experts that will be teachers, speakers or healers at House of Essence. We’re sharing stories with you and soon we’ll be hosting (online) live Q&A’s, pop-up classes, and events to strengthen our connection.

To guide you in reconnecting with your deepest self and inspire you to live a more conscious life.

The conscious creators behind House of Essence

Meet Romy and Michelle; two women with a mission to create a more conscious and loving world. In January 2020, having been circling in each other’s networks for years, they met for the first time over coffee. 

Romy had been working on the concept for House of Essence since May 2019 and Michelle was running her own conscious platform. Each on their own path towards a more conscious life; a deep connection was formed instantly. A few months after, their stories merged. Creating a place to feel, to connect and to grow.


Romy cares deeply for our planet and strongly believes there’s more to our world than meets the eye. In the past few years, she’s been working as a creative strategist for brands in sustainability and health. For most of her life, she had the belief that living a meaningful life is by working hard. This often caused her to feel stressed and even though she loved her job, it felt as if it was never enough. Until she dared to dive deeper, leaving her old beliefs behind and started truly listening to her heart.

In Spring 2019, during one of her travels, Romy found a place where she felt more connected to herself than ever before: “It was a place where I could recharge, reconnect and discover more about myself and the world around me. A place where I could create from a state of flow and allowing, instead of forcing myself to achieve. With House of Essence, I want to share this feeling with others. I strongly believe that when you connect to your inner self, you become more conscious of your own needs and desires, but also more ready to contribute to the world around you”. 


Michelle is a true connector at heart; whether it’s about connecting people, ideas or concepts. She has always been sensitive for energies and was missing a true meaning and connection between people. Next to her work as a health nutritionist, she has been running her own platform to inspire people on their path towards themselves, realising a deeper connection with others and the essence of life.

Michelle truly believes that we can only make a real connection with the other, when we’re connected to ourselves. With her events, poems and stories, she aspires to show people how to get in touch with themselves and each other on a deeper level.
I want to share with people how it feels to be more connected to your essence. I truly believe that you create the world around you. When you’re more connected to yourself, you start to view your world differently”

“Parts of your path are meant to be walked alone, but some parts require the connection with others and the right guidance to bring you even further.”

House of Essence

House of Essence Podcast

With each episode, we hope to inspire and guide you on your path to a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 

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